How to Recover Trashed Pictures on iMac

How to Recover Trashed Pictures on iMacHave you deleted some precious photos accidentally on iMac? Searching options to recover trashed pictures on iMac? Deletion of important pictures mistakingly is really a nightmare for any iMac users. Although after deletion photos does not get directly removed from iMac system and get stored in the trash. But many a times it has been found that the erased images goes missing from the trash. Mainly it happens when the trash folder is emptied by the users but apart from this using command+delete option will also cause the same result. However in both of cases pictures become inaccessible for the users. But the matter of fact is that even after emptying the trash pictures is not permanently removed from iMac hard drive. It exist on the system as long as its directory and disk space remains unchanged on iMac. Thus if you manage to prevent your files from overwriting then you can easily recover trashed pictures on iMac.

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However in order to recover all your deleted pictures on iMac the first and foremost thing is needed to be done is to stop using your iMac system at once. Do not save any new file to the hard drive and use any sophisticated third party utility. In such situation Mac Trash Recovery Software would be the most effective and reliable option to try. It is very fast and safe tool to recover any deleted or lost pictures on iMac. It can easily rescue all your erased photos from emptied trash and also able to restore damaged or formatted pictures as well. It is based on smart scanning technique and provides high level recovery mechanism for convenient recovery of images. It is designed with very impressive and easy to navigate graphical interface to provide easy uses of the tool. Therefore it is recommended to use Mac Trash Recovery Software to recover trashed pictures on iMac.

Prominent Features of Mac Trash Recovery Software

  • Quick, fast and reliable tool to rescue trashed iMac pictures
  • Provides very easy steps for recovery
  • Allows the users to see preview of recovered photos
  • Enables selective file recovery option
  • Restores the pictures on users specified location

User Guide for Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 1: First of all download and launch the software on your system.


Step 2: Now select the volume where recovery is going to be done.


Step 3: Here you will need to to choose the pictures format.


Step 4: Now click on scan button to start the recovery of pictures.


Step 5: In the end choose the location where you need to save your files.


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