How To Restore Files from Trash on Apple iMac

Have you deleted all your files mistakenly? Unable to access your data and want restore trash on iMac? iMac is very popular among users in compare to any other Mac machine. Users prefers to use iMac because of its advanced technology, impressive graphics and unmatchable speed. It is quite safe to store all the vital data of users. Sometimes users delete their important files while erasing unnecessary data. However the lost data can be retrieved from the trash folder easily but it would be quite handy to have the backup of all your valuable data so that you will be able to recover your data after any data loss issue. Sometimes it happens that the deleted files get missing from the trash due to any possible reason such as virus attack, power surge, abrupt shutdown of system, etc. But the most reasonable cause of missing file from trash is Command+Delete option. Sometimes users also empty the trash without checking the trashed files. In such situation it is quite difficult to recover your lost trashed data without backup.

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In such situation you will need to restore trash on iMac in order to get your data back. It is possible to recover deleted data even when it is not available in the trash as long as it does not get overwritten by any new files. So if you really want to recover your files then you have to stop writing new files at once. The easiest way to recover your data is to take the help of Mac Trash Recovery Software. It is based on NTFS boot camp partition witch is the most safest way to recover files. Its powerful scanning algorithm ensures the users about complete recovery of all their trashed files. Its splendid features recovers all allows the users to recover any file just in few clicks. Its advanced user friendly graphics offers easy handling of the software. Therefore it is recommended to use Mac Trash Recovery Software in order to restore trash on iMac.

Remarkable Features of Mac Trash Recovery Software:

  • Support file recovery from iMac, MacBook, Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro

  • Very reliable, effective and easy to use

  • Allows to recover data selectively

  • Provide preview recovered files after recovery

  • Also available as demo version

  • It is compatible with all the versions Macintosh like Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, and 10.4 Tiger

User Guide for Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 1: First of all download and install Mac Trash Recovery Software on your iMac


Step 2: Now you have to select Recover hard drive option to recover file from emptied trash


Step 3: Choose deleted file recovery to recover your trashed file


Step 4: Now select the location from where you lost your data


Step 5: Now save the recovered files at your desired location


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